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Advertising on MassageNetwork
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Advertising Rates
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Massage Network has been online since 1998 and is one of the most visible massage-related web sites on the net (it usually comes up in the top 5 of most major search engines when searching for “massage”!). We are a world-wide network of massage professionals. Our network is geared towards massage professionals and anyone else looking for information on massage therapy, its benefits, as well as careers in massage.  This allows for extremely targeted advertising opportunities, thus assuring your advertising dollars are working their hardest to reach the right audience.

Massage Network is the perfect place to promote your massage related products and services. In order to ensure maximum exposure for our advertisers, we rotate banners on each page, on each database search, in the discussion forum, and in our newsletter. For a limited time, banner advertising is offered at a flat rate of $125 per year. Contact us now to reserve your banner space or get more information.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to promote your business, you can list your business on our Products, Services and Training page. For only $40 a year (for a limited time- after that the price will be $50), you get a twelve month listing on our sponsors page, a brief description of your business or service, an email link and/or a link to your website. That's less than $4 a month. Too good to pass up! And for an additional $20, you can get a sponsor botton that randomly rotates along the footer of MassageNetwork and links to your website or email. Contact us now to get listed right away. We'll have you listed within 48 hours of receiving your payment. Click here to contact us.

Our goal is to provide your company with the best targeted advertising solution in the massage therapy industry. We strive to help you get the most of your advertising dollar anywhere.

Advertising Rates

Standard banner ads are 468 x 60 pixel banners and run across the top of all pages. Every page serves one of these ads in a rotation designed to present all advertisers equally. In other words, if your ad is one of four standard ads in a given month, every fourth page-view will carry your advertisement. Only$125.00/year

Quarter ads are 125 x 125 pixel square banners which are shown in the left column of every major page (excluding the discussion forums and newsletter). These ads randomly rotate to present all advertisers equally. Only$85.00/year

Sponsor ads are 125 x 35 pixel rectangle buttons which are rotated on the footer of every page and link to your website or email.

Sponsor Links include your name and short description of your company with a link from our "products, services, and training page" to your website.

How much traffic does get?
Massage network has been averaging over 20,000 hits per day. And because of our recent and ongoing improvements, we fully expect this number to steadily increase.

What if I do not have a banner, but would like to advertise?
When you purchase a banner ad, under “Options” select “Design by Massage Network” and for $25 our  graphic artists will create one for you.

What if I do not have a website, but would like to advertise?
Massage Network can host your banner on our website, and link it to your email address.

How do I get started?
Just go to our order page, identify the type of advertisment and services you want and we will send you an invoice and begin placement of the banners. It's that simple!

 Advertising on Massage Network

Instructions:Choose your method of payment below by clicking on the icon, the type of banner you are purchasing, then click the "Buy" button.


Check or Money Order
To pay by check or money order, click this option to place your order, print your invoice, and mail the invoice with your payment.

Credit Card
You can pay with our secure online credit card processing. After completing the online order form, you will be automatically taken to your Massage Network Control panel.

Links are free to non-profit organizations and noncommercial ventures, or others with valuable information on massage therapy that will help our visitors and our members.  We simply ask for a reciprocal link in exchange for linking to your site. Click here to submit your site

The subject content of the business site you wish to have linked must match the subject content of this site. Upon us linking your site we will send you an e-mail notification informing you that you have been linked. Links will be placed under the appropriate category that best matches your web site content.

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