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Work together to form a community creating a global market for massage therapists

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What This All Costs

Get listed by sending $25 (US) to Massage Network. If you get one referral from us in a year you've paid for your contribution. Be a part of the movement to professionalize massage and support each other. Watch this site grow! Be a contributing member of Massage Network for $25 per year. That's about $2 a month. Yes, this sounds too low, but our goal is a 10,000 member community of therapists representing countries from across the globe. We know how limited your advertising budgets are and we are offering a very cost effective way to reach clients around the corner and around the world. Massage Network, 7077 Beaver Court, Tobyhanna, PA 18466

Count Me In!! How do I get started?

1. Please help out by linking to our page (how to link to us)

2. Fill out this registration form.

3. Your listing will be added at the next update, within one week of your posting.

4. Identify how you would like to pay, and we will send you an invoice and begin placement of your listing. It's that simple!

Thank you for allowing us to create a global community for massage therapy. We look forward to exploring the limitless opportunities with you!

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How much traffic does get?
Massage Network has been averaging over 500,000 hits per month! And because of our recent and ongoing improvements, we fully expect this number to steadily increase.

What if I do not have a website, and would like to be listed?
When you purchase a listing, we will link it to your email address.

Why should I be a part of Massage Network?
Massage Network was started to promote massage therapy and massage therapists. The more exposure your business gets, the more potential clients you have. Massage Network has been around since 1998, which is a long time in the internet world. It also comes up in the top five in most search engines when searching for "massage", which also increases the chances that your listing will be viewed.

Won't posting a listing on the Internet bring more perverts to my business?
The Internet is just like the rest of the world - there are both good and bad people, normal and perverts. The Internet is like any other advertising medium in that you can't control who sees your ad, although you can make some generalizations about who will see your ad. Most Internet users have higher levels of education and income, which are exactly the customers you want to target for your business. So screen them as you would any potential client, but don't make the wrong generalizations because of a few bad apples.

Thank you for allowing us to create a global community for massage therapy.

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